About me

A black cat named Cloe holding a burger. Ketchup is dripping from the burger, which has beef and lettuce on it. Her mouth is open and she looks surprised at the camera. In the top left is a lamp. Two characters are in the background.

Hi! My name is Cynthia. I am an artist and game dev living in Belgium. I originally came from the Netherlands though! I am a queer nonbinary person and I enjoy putting queer identities in my work, since I want more people to see themselves in work I create.

For programming I mainly work in C#. Monogame tends to be my first choice when making a game, since I have years of experience in it and I have been working on a framework for making my games for a couple of years now, called Princess Framework. Other than that I do have some experience making bots for twitter, tumblr and mastodon. I made a little framework that allows one bot to post to multiple websites with ease. This website was my first time actually working with ASP.net Core. It was a challenge, but it was very fun!

As an artist I mainly enjoy drawing anthropormorphic animals. I have been drawing digitally for over 10 years by now. Most of the things I made are archived on this website in the gallery. I'm trying to vary the animals I draw. If you think I should draw a certain animal more often, send me a suggestion!

I hope the contents of this website will be interesting to you. If they are, feel free to share them with people! If you really like what I do, you can hire me for future projects! Just send me a message!

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