Website is live!

Posted: 12/3/2023 6:16:54 PM

I have been working on this website for almost half a year, but it is finally live! I am still in the process of adding a huge backlog of art (almost 10 years of art oof) and I have yet to list all the games and other projects, but you can look around on it! Before it went live I spent some time getting site preview embeds to work correctly and all of that works now.

The website is made completely from scratch in ASP.Net Core. This is mainly for generating html files and interacting with the database. I came in with pretty limited knowledge in css and javascript, but I have used both in the process. Most of the javascript is for the backend pages that I use to post art and blog posts. It's not very good haha.

All my art is saved in a MySQL database. I had to make some more complex sql queries than I have so far but I quickly learned. All art images get automatically resized and cached using ImageSharp, so it's not posting full res art images every time you go to the gallery. That would be silly.

Hoping you like what you see on the website and check out my art, game projects and more. :)