Anodyne Fan Remake

Released on 27/01/2023

Anodyne Fan Remake is a fan remake (obviously) of the game Anodyne. I made this together with my partner Seph in MonoGame, using C#, over the span of 3 years.

All the way back in 2020 the original devs of the game Anodyne decided to make the game open source for its 7th anniversary. This was during lockdown and I was wondering what to do. I decided to download the map files and in a day I managed to render the Fields map with a simple moving camera. This is when Seph and I started getting interested in seeing if we can remake the entire game.

First video of the game, posted in the Analgesic discord server.

We started rather unorganized at first. Implementing entities based on how easy they would be to implement. This way of working actually made it hard to show off a lot of progress. Seph eventually made a debug output which made a list of all entities that still had to be done. Not long after we decided to work area by area to get a more coherent playable game.

A screenshot an early version of the game. It shows the starting map, which looks like a street, with the player character looking at the viewer. The window is named AnodyneSharp.

Screenshot of me adding the player character into the game.

Back in 2021 we got to the point we completed everything the original Flash demo had. This is when we released the demo and posted it on Itch. Sadly this demo's saves are incompatible with the released version so we had to hide it on the page. Since the game is free for anyone who owns the original, it doesn't make much sense to keep the demo.

Seph remade the way the engine loads entities. She also made it possible to split up entity behavior over multiple classes, while the original code had a lot of different behaviors in the same files which resulted in hard to navigate files. I ported over some code that managed rebindable keys from my other engine which later got used for the key remapping screen. Other than that I improved the way the game loads localized text, removing the original game's extra code generation step.

A screenshot of the visual studio log window. The output lists multiple warnings about missing entities.

The logging that gets done when entities are missing.

I added a few quality of life features to the game. The original had a reminder in the HUD on how to open the pause menu. I replaced this with an icon of your current broom type, with a small indicator showing whether you have dust in your broom. I also added the ability to use the shoulder buttons on a controller or the number keys on a keyboard to switch broom types. This is especially nice for late game sections where you switch broom types a lot.

We posted regular updates in the Analgesic Productions discord server, the server of the original game's developers, and there was a lot of excitement from the community. The game even got coverage by the channel GamingOnLinux after release!

The youtube channel GamingOnLinux reporting on the release of Anodyne Fan Remake, not long after it released.

After the game released on itch I got the idea of making a post game boss rush. I got into DAME, the level editor that the original game uses, and made a new map. The map uses tiles from every other dungeon in the game. Quite a lot of them, so setting the collision correctly took a bit of time. I added variables to every boss so it can skip the sometimes lengthy intro dialogue and added a few health pickups between the bosses. The new boss rush got a good reception, even being praised by the original devs.

A screenshot of the boss rush map, in the DAME level editor.

The boss rush map, which was added post launch.

Earlier this year Melos Han-Tani, one of the developers of the original game, approached us with the offer to make an FNA port of our remake the official version of the game. We agreed and now the port is the official version available on steam.

Our fan remake is available to download for free to anyone who owns the original game. Just click the link below:

Itch logo Anodyne Fan Remake on