Cat Maze

Released on 28/12/2018

Cat Maze is a prototype of a game in a maze. Every time you enter a door, you a presented with a random room that might contain a puzzle to open doors to other rooms. After making a couple of rooms I found out that playing through the same rooms over and over again wasn't very fun. The game was supposed to have black goop with hands sticking out follow you around and keep you going, but that never got implemented.

A screenshot of a room with a cat and dog in it. On the floor are multiple crates, some buttons and some tiles crates can't go over.

The starting room.

You play as a cat and there are a couple of npcs you can talk with by bumping into them. I do quite like the sound they make when they talk. This game was part of me implementing a map system into my MonoGame framework, which I started with Date a Gal.

The reason why I didn't end up liking this game was that I wanted it to feel constricting and confusing, but I quickly found out that it's not a really fun setting for a game. Nowadays I am more focusing on making a game fun foremost, before I really put it in a setting. At the time I was still figuring out how to really make and finish games.

A screenshot of a room with a cat and goat in it. The room has walls in the loss pattern. The goat says to the cat 'This room obviously has a secret message!'

Talking to an npc.

The game can be downloaded from the link below:

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