Other projects

Here is a list of projects I worked on that don't really fit in the games category and aren't exactly single pieces of art.

Fursona Generator

Released on 23/11/2020
Fursona generator is the third social media bot I made. It generates a random furry character from a set of species, color combinations and special talents.

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Released on 30/10/2020
A white cat wearing sunglasses named CoolMxMuffin. They are smiling and are surrounded by text.
CoolMxMuffin is a comedic comic that doesn't take itself or it's characters very seriously. It is fully drawn with a pc mouse!

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Every Homestuck Trans

Released on 09/03/2020
Every Homestuck Trans is a bot which posts about any Homestuck character, place, concept etc as being trans. It's the second social media bot I've made.

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Pleasant Subtweets

Released on 26/08/2019
Pleasant subtweets is a bot that posts a compliment every hour. It's posts are meant to be shared with people whom relate to it. It is the first social media bot I've made.

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